Medical Billing


The term medical billing refers to the practice of making payments which is based on the Unites States Health System. The medical billing process involves certain procedures for it to be successful in achieving the purpose it was meant to achieve when the system was started. First, the health care has to submit claims with the health insurance companies. This process is very essential because it notifies the insurance company that they will be involved in the process. The health care then follows up on the claims with the insurance company in order to ensure that the health insurance company received the claim and are working on it. It also ensures that they receive payment for all the services that have been rendered. These services include investigations that has been carried out and treatment.

A clearinghouse is a company that acts as the intermediary between insurance payers and healthcare providers. A clearing house is an essential component in the process of medical billing. The function of a clearinghouse is to forward information on claims from the providers of healthcare to the insurance payers. A clearinghouse has the mandate to evaluate and check the insurance claim for any errors that might have been made in the filing process. They are also important in the verification of insurance claim to ensure that it is indeed compatible with the software of the insurance payer.

The clearinghouse from plays an active role in verifying that the diagnosis and procedural codes that have been submitted by the healthcare providers to ensure their validity. They ensure that every procedure code is well suited to the diagnosis code that has been submitted with it. This process is referred to as code scrubbing. It is an essential process especially in the prevention of errors which may end up consuming a lot of time when being corrected.

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